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Terry Pratchett, The Truth
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Public Name Servers

There are three Tiers of name servers in the OpenNIC design. They are intended for different uses, and only their appropriate users will be notified of changes involving them, so please try to choose an appropriate server when you configure your system. Any of these machines may change IP numbers with a week's notice, since we have not yet arranged a permanent IP address allocation for the OpenNIC servers. Be assured, we are working on that.

Tier 0

This is the single master server for synchronizing the OpenNIC TLDs. Users may not query the Tier 0 server as it is for internal use; administrators should deal with Tier 1 and 2 servers whenever possible. This server is administered by the OpenNIC Maintainers Council. Any changes to the Tier 0 server will be posted to both OpenNIC mailing lists.

  • ns0.opennic.glue (opennic.glue; Oakland, CA, US) -
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Tier 1

There is at least one of these for each OpenNIC TLD. Users may not query these servers directly, as they are intended for terminating recursive queries by the user's nearest Tier 2 server. These servers are administered by the respective TLD's Maintainer team. Changes to these servers will be posted to both OpenNIC mailing lists as well.

  • ns1.opennic.glue (.oss; San Jose, CA, US) -
  • ns4.opennic.glue (.oss; San Jose, CA, US) -
  • ns6.opennic.glue (.geek; Vancouver, BC, CA) -
  • ns7.opennic.glue (.geek; Vancouver, BC, CA) -
  • ns8.opennic.glue (.parody; US) -
  • ns10.opennic.glue (.indy; Dallas, TX, US ) -
  • ns11.opennic.glue (.indy; Dallas, TX, US ) -
  • ns12.opennic.glue (.fur; Garden Grove, CA, US ) -
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Tier 2

These are servers intended for use by end users whose network providers do not yet support OpenDNS. They are volunteer services run by whoever is volunteering them. Changes to these servers will be posted to both the Discussion list and a geographically sorted list will be posted regularly to the Announcements list.

Currently, Tier 2 servers are present in eight countries on four continents: Canada, Germany, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • (Vancouver, BC, CA) -
  • (Cologne, DE) -
  • (Tokyo, JP) -
  • (Tokyo, JP) -
  • (Auckland, NZ) -
  • (London, UK) -
  • (New Orleans, LA, US) -
  • (Phoenix, AZ, US) -
  • (San Francisco, CA, US) -
  • () -
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All material on this site, and in the OpenNIC databases, is held as copyrighted by the users of the OpenDNS system and is managed jointly by the Maintainers of the OpenNIC. Please contact the OpenNIC webmaster for any further information about this site or its content. Thank you.
last modified 2002-01-23